Hi All ,
I've one problem when i change Java Adapter to DotNet Adapter but when i browse StockListDemo on my browser then it didn't working . I copied all file into Folder \DotNetStockListDemo\Deployment\Deployment_LS\Stoc kList_sockets to Folder Lightstreamer\adapters\StockList . Then i run the DotNetServers.bat script in Folder DotNetStockListDemo\Deployment\Deployment_DotNet_S erver . But when i open DotNetServer.log file then it shows : Connection failed, retrying in 10 seconds... . I installed Framework 1.0 and 2.0 in my computer , i open port 6661,6662,6663 , i stopped windows firewall but it isn't working . Anyone can help me ?????

Thanks for your attention