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    Managing Entitlements

    I am considering how best to use Light Streamer in an environment where entitlements need to be managed at a potential quite fine grained basis. I am curious if any one had any thoughts on best practices and different methodologies. In particular:
    - When is it best to manage at item level? At table level?
    - When should entitlements be enforced and other wise managed by managing access to the web page containing the LightStreamer data references?
    - How does the LightStreamer engine manage entitlements?

    I would appreciate any information and insights.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Ben,

    The core for entitlement management is the Metadata Adapter, when you can implement your own very fine grained policy.

    Of course it is impossible to provide general guidelines, because entitlement fully depends on the specific requirements of each applications. There exist applications that do not require any entitlement at all, and other applications that require each single item subscription to be authorized, based on the user identity and other variables.

    For some general considerations about the Metadata Adapter, these two FAQs are available:

    The full documentation of the Metadata Adpater interface is available here:




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