I noticed/found, we have event/message loss when the Light Streamer connection was disconnected and then automatically reconnected in browser. We have a two different connection ids at bottom of browser between initial open browser and after the issue occured.

This happened randomly but when it happened the disconnect/reconnect cycle was quite often. Any events/Messages happened during the disconnect period were lost even after the connection was successful.

Why browser is disconnect and reconnect again? How do we prevent this? Is there is a anyway to set timeout for connection? like don't create the new connections for 7 hours.

How the event/messages are maintained in that time?

Can you please advise how do we proceed further?

Other informations:

I have searched lightstremer forum and found that people are suggesting to extend the session_timeout_millis value in AMS server lightstreamer_conf.xml.

I believe itís currently set to 5 sec in our AMS server.
<!-- Mandatory. Longest time a disconnected session can be kept active
while waiting for the Client to rebind such session to another
connection. -->

Suresh N