If I want to modify the Stock List Demo to add or remove items from the UI, what are the options that I have? I see two.

1. On every add/delete of an item, unsubscribe the current table, change the contents of items array and subscribe again - In this approach, the problem is even for adding a new item, I end up unsubscribing and resubscribing for the other items in the table. This is a huge problem if the list that I ve is huge.

2. Create a new NonVisualTable for every item in my list and manually handle updating the data on the DataGrid. So everytime I add a new item, I ll create a new NonVisualTable and everytime I remove an item, I ll unsubscribe only that table - Again, the problem with this approach is when I create a huge list, I end up creating many nonVisualTables. When there are frequent updates for each of the item, the CPU usage and memory usage of the client goes high.

Is there any other cleaner approach that I can follow to acheive this?

- Venki