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    I suppose that other IEs show "XDR onprogress" at least once, is that right?
    Anyway, this looks different from what you got in the library (I was expecting a "XDR onerror")

    Sorry to bother you, but before coding a work-around I want to correctly understand why IE behaves like this.

    Please do the following:
    • reload and try again the test clicking stream
    • reload and try again the test clicking poll
      • If with this new test you can get the "XDR onload" alert please try by lowering the idle timeout on our libraries until you can get a working polling session; the default value is 19000ms (you can also set it to 0 as last resort)

        ( )

    With this test I can verify if the class gives the error because of the long wait or if there's something else triggering the issue.

    Another question, are you using InPrivate Browsing?

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    No - not InPrivate browsing.

    Oddly enough, I cannot seem to repeat the problem now. The Chat demo is remaining steadily connected in HTTP Polling mode.

    With the test URL you provided, when I click "Stream" nothing seems to happen.

    When I click "Poll" nothing seemed to happen for about 20 seconds - then I get an "XDR onload" alert followed by an alert saying "Got: blah blah blah". On subsequent tests, the "XDR onload" alert comes up after two or three was only my first attempt that seemed to take a while.

    I have 5.1 (1622) installed now.
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