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    Presto (4.0.2) and JS Client Version 6.0

    Hello all,

    A novice working with LightStreamer. We are running an older release (Presto 4.0.2) and I'm working with the JavaScript Examples and various client libraries.

    It looks like I can use the JS 5.0 client library, but all demos that us the JS 6.0 client library fail (such as Jgrid_Demo).

    Is the requirement for using the JavaScript 6.0 library a certain version of LightStreamer on the server (something newer than Presto)?


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    Please note that Presto is the edition not the version, so you're actually running Lightstreamer 4.0.2 Duomo.(see )

    Anyway the Lightstreamer JavaScript client 6.0 is not compatible with your server as it requires the new Lightstreamer 5.0 Colosseo ( ).





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