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    MultiDynaMetapushTable with hightlight row when onClick

    My client web is use MultiDynaMetapushTable to add rows on table. But I need click and hightlight to choose row. But each of row which is added by COMMAND Mode, it don't have "ID" for get/set stylesheet on this row.

    And function hightLightRow() on row is used for hightlight row when I choose this rows.

    And I read document DynaGrid index content, it said:
    "Note that the template element can contain an arbitrary HTML structure and should contain HTML cells to be used to display the row field values. However, it should not contain elements to which an HTML "id" attribute has been assigned, because the elements will be cloned and the HTML specification prescribes that an id must be unique in the document. (The id of the template element, required by Lightstreamer, is not cloned).More visualization actions can be performed through the provided VisualUpdate event objects received on the DynaGridListener."

    How can I click and hightlight row?
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