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    Quote Originally Posted by it_jabcap View Post
    I have a similar issue but with an older version (3.6), I will need to renew the free license, but there is no more link showing how to do that. Would it be possible to have a key that will always work?

    There is always a risk with deploying a new version and it is something we would rather avoid.
    I confirm that you should upgrade to the latest version (5.x). Older versions (3.6 and 4.x) are no more maintained, thus opening the door to security risks and browser incompatibility issues, which are much higher than upgrade risks.

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    None of the free license URLs work as of 4/30/2013. Can you please enable a way for people to get licenses for the old version? Not everyone can update to 5.1 right away.

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    My client consolidating their services into other servers. There is a project we had been using Moderato 4 2 years back, and it works fine. But we need a new license to make the system works on the new server. Please kindly help.

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    Actually, as already pointed out in a previous post, since older versions are not maintained any more, you should upgrade to the latest version (5.x).
    You can download the latest Lightstreamer Moderato version at and you can use it for free even in production environments and does not require any license key.
    Anyway, you may contact for any question or doubt about licenses or for general enquiries on Lightstreamer and for sales information.





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