basically if i sum this up correctly

i need to create a class that implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider

and override the methods?

Public Sub Init(ByVal parameters As System.Collections.IDictionary, ByVal configFile As String) Implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider.Init

End Sub

Public Function IsSnapshotAvailable(ByVal itemName As String) As Boolean Implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider.IsSnap shotAvailable

End Function

Public Sub SetListener(ByVal eventListener As Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IItemEventListener) Implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider.SetLis tener

End Sub

Public Sub Subscribe(ByVal itemName As String) Implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider.Subscr ibe

End Sub

Public Sub Unsubscribe(ByVal itemName As String) Implements Lightstreamer.Interfaces.Data.IDataProvider.Unsubs cribe

End Sub

am i on the right track?