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    Javascript library does not return error if LS server is down


    I have my web pages and LS javascript files installed on Apache and LS server running standalone.
    When LS server is down, nothing appears or shows as such, it simply never goes to STREAMING mode. I made sure all status change listeners and server/client error listeners were set to display whatever comes, but nada.

    I mapped the following LS functions:

    lsPage.onClientError = notifyReply;
    lsPage.onServerDeny = notifyServerError;

    eng.onStatusChange = notifyStatusChange;
    eng.onServerError = notifyServerError;
    eng.onClientError = notifyReply;

    Any idea ?


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    That's the correct behavior.
    As the streaming connection is issued in a "forever-frame" we cannot know the reason why no data is coming (no difference between server down or pc disconnected from the internet)
    If you don't get an onStatusChange("STREAMING") call than you know that you've not yet reached your server.



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