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    Installing LS on Apache?


    im new to LS .. i couldnt find any tutorial for installation LS on Apache .. or a HoTo with a Step by Step Guide. Is there any helpful resource around?

    I followed the instructions .. but if i want to run LS over the shell with "./" i got an error:

    -bash: ./ Permission denied

    Any ideas?

    thx for help

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    Hi Rufnex

    Lightstreamer cannot be installed on Apache as a plugin.
    It can only be used beside Apache, as a second server.
    The latter usage scenario is described in README.TXT, under
    where the "External deployment" section shows how you can deploy the demo pages in a web server and have them get real time data from Lightstreamer Server.

    All the shell scripts included in the tar package have the execution permission flags set.
    Perhaps something went wrong in the tar expansion.
    Did you expand the zip package and then copy the files into unix/linux? This would explain all.
    Please, recover by setting the 755 permission flags to all script files included.




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