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    ha noi

    the many concurrent connection to database.

    hi all
    when i writed data adapter for database oracle, i got the error :
    TNS-12516 : listener could not find instance with matching protocol stack .
    in my opinion : one row in database (for example : stock) which has to open one connection to Listener for change database, so many connection open concurrent,
    is it true? and make what to solve the problem?
    Any help is really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Hungn,

    as Lightstreamer support, we are afraid we can't find anything related with our knowledge.
    We hope that someone else is able to give you an answer.

    Do you feel that Lightstreamer Data Adapter interface makes, in some way, uncomfortable getting data from a database and a different design could help?


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    ha noi
    thanks DarioCrivelli
    i think perhaps in this case i have to configure the database Oracle for many connection can connect concurrently.(becausse i tested for some the five rows and it is good)
    thanks again for feedback.



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