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    DynaGrid ItemList

    Hello, I am currently developing a stock streaming application, and am utilizing DynaGrid.

    I have been successful in creating the DynaGrid and getting data to stream to it from my server client, the only problem I am having and have not been able to figure out, is how can I make the grid completely dynamic rather than relying on an item list? I would like the item list to be completely generated by my C# application rather than being limited by having to declare it in my html file, as the list of symbols I am sending through may expand or decrease.

    Thanks for your help!

    Loving the software, so far it's meeting all my needs above and beyond!

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    Hi Daniel,

    can you provide more details on your data model, the data adapter and the data source type?
    If, for instance, the data source type is MERGE, thus the list of published items is fixed, but your client wants to show only a subset of them and knows which items should be shown at a given time, it can subscribe the items which should be added and unsubscribe the items which should be removed. You may found an example of this, looking at the Simple Grid Demo [ ]
    If instead the list of published items may expand or decrease, you should have a COMMAND datasource type. Consequently the subscription mode should be COMMAND. You may found an example, looking at the Basic Portfolio Demo [ ]
    If however the data source type is, for instance, MERGE, but you want to publish a dynamic subset of the items, you may refer to the Portfolio Demo [ ] as an example of a two-level push, where the items are published by MERGE data source, but the 'list' of items is dynamic and published by a COMMAND data adapter.

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