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    Exclamation reason: 'Lightstreamer error received: 17


    I am getting the error unable to find data adapter. But server has my adapter in it.


    Table subscription failed due to exception: Can't add table (reason: 'Lightstreamer error received: 17 Requested Data Adapter, HELLOWORLD, not found')

    Loading Data Adapter HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT
    16.Oct.12 12:26:43,738 < INFO> Loading Metadata Adapter HELLOWORLD
    16.Oct.12 12:26:43,770 < INFO> Finished loading Metadata Adapter HELLOWORLD
    16.Oct.12 12:26:43,788 < INFO> Finished loading Data Adapter HELLOWORLD.DEFAULT

    Kindly help me. Thanks.

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    Hi anilkumar2508,

    The piece of server log you attached shows that you missed to specify the name of Data Adapter in the adapter.xml file, so that "DEFAULT" is taken as Data Adapter name (not "HELLOWORLD").
    In a case like this when a LSTableInfo instance is created the dataAdapter property must not be valued so that if it is nil, the "DEFAULT" name is used.
    "HELLOWORLD" is the name of the adapter set and you set it in the adapter property of LSConnectionInfo.

    Please refer to the adapter.xml file in /adapters/Demo folder of Lightstreamer distribution for a more complete example of Adapter Set deploy.

    Hope that help.



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