Dear Lightstreamer experts,

I have developed an online trading application which is deployed into Jboss 4.0. The security information was developed based on JSP using Javascript client API 4.0 which received streaming data from Lightstreamer server (Colosseo 5.0). Everything worked fine with the Javascript client API 4.0 until I decided to port my Client pages from Javascript client API 4.0 to Javascript client 6.0. I followed the porting guide from Lightstreamer exactly. However, after porting the code, it seems that the new client page cannot connect to LS server in Streaming mode.

I tested with Safari and the status message shown that the connection is in Polling mode and of course, the data returned very slow. Then I switched to Firefox and sometimes, the connection can be in Streaming mode (sometimes it's not).

I tried to deploy demos application (stock list demo) to my Jboss server and the same issue occurred even this demo application is in normal streaming connection if deploying out of Jboss 4.0.

My question is: whether we need to configure something in Jboss 4.0 besides doing porting JSP code from Javascript API 4.0 to API 6.0 to have streaming mode available?

Thanks in advance for your supports.

Nghia Pham