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    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section but where exactly are these files and how are they accessible:


    I checked all folders where I installed lightstreamer and cannot trace it.

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    Unfortunately, we are still in the transition phase from the "Duomo" release to the "Colosseo" release and this introduces additional complication, both for you and for us.
    The JavaScript Client Library has changed significantly from version 5.0 (in Duomo) to version 6.0 (in Colosseo).
    Actually, the "dojo demo" provided in our demo list is still based on the JavaScript Client Library 5.0, whereas you have downloaded version 6.0, hence the problems you see.

    We suggest you waiting for us to publish the ported version of the Dojo demo, which, as said, also features a simpler integration strategy.
    As far as we can evaluate at this moment, it should be a matter of days; we will post upon the release.
    This does not interfere with the other adapter side activities.
    Sorry for the confusion.

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    while the demo is not ready, you can start checking out a first version of the LightstreamerStore class from github:
    The class implements the dojo/store interface so you should be able to use it together with any dojo class that expects a store to work (like a dgrid)

    Here is a simple example to get you started:





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