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    Choice of VisualTable and Event handlers

    Dear All,

    I am a beginner of Lightstreamer and working on a project similar to the Stock List Basic Demo, but there is a requirement that, say each row/stock got a checkbox and if the stock price of a stock is over $10, then its checkbox will be disabled. I wonder which table (visualTable?! nonVisualTable?!) and event handler should I use in that case?

    Many Thanks.


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    the behaviour you're looking for is not directly related to the kind of table to use.

    If you use a NonVisualTable you have to handle all the visual aspects of the table.
    Otherwise you have to handle only the enable/disable checkbox part.

    For any item update the onChangingValues callback is called. There you should have all the informations to know if you should enable or disable the checkbox related to the updating row.

    Let me know if and where you get stuck.




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