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    Thanks, StockListDemo works fine now. Only show < INFO > log, no more < fatal log >. I updated to Java 1.6 update 2 and everything works fine.

    I have a simple question:
    If bundle the DojoDemo into LS_HOME/pages/DojoDemo,
    is it necessary to add the 'LS' folder(rename from and dojotoolkit ( unzip and rename to Dojo folder)?

    Copy the files from LS_HOME/DOCS-SDKs/sdk_client_web/lib/ to LS_HOME/pages/DojoDemo/LS/

    I follow instruction in ( as below:
    but don't know why nothing show in DojoDemo when I browse http://localhost:80/DojoDemo when I copy the DojoDemo folder to Apache2.2 HTTP htdocs folder.

    Any advice from experts?

    Download the Demo zip file.
    Download Dojo toolkit distribution.
    Note that you need the "AJAX" distribution (e.g.
    Download Lightstreamer distribution.
    Unzip and deploy a Lightstreamer instance (see Lightstreamer documentation for further info).
    Unzip and put its tree under the LS_HOME/pages/ folder (where LS_HOME is the path to your own Lightstreamer installation).
    Copy the files from LS_HOME/DOCS-SDKs/sdk_client_web/lib/ to LS_HOME/pages/DojoDemo/LS/
    Unzip and deploy Dojo toolkit under LS_HOME/pages/DojoDemo/
    Note that unpacking the Dojo distribution a folder will be created with a name similar to "dojo-0.4.0-ajax". Please rename such folder to "Dojo" (or change the references on the index.html file).

    Start Lightstreamer Server.
    Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/DojoDemo/

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    Hi Wei,

    please try to post questions in the right forum section.

    Anyway, I'm not sure I've understood the situation.

    If the problem is that the demo works under Lightstreamer internal web server but don't if you deploy the pages under an external web server take a look to this thread:

    rwise can you see any javascript errors when running the application?

    Is your application tree like the one below?

    -DojoDemo <- files from
    |---LS <- files from
    |---Dojo <- files from Dojo's distribution zip (e.g.



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