I downloaded moderato free version, problem in license (*.lic in /conf)

Question... after registered and download the license from my mail. I put it insto the /conf folder, then modify the 'lightstreamer_conf.xml' as follow:

<!-- Mandatory. Your personal ClientId (received together with the
license file). -->

<!-- Mandatory. Path and name of the license file for Lightstreamer Server,
Moderato Edition, relative to the conf directory. -->

<!-- Mandatory. Path of the directory in which to store the audit
log files, relative to the conf directory. -->

Unfortunately, following message come out when i start the LC as application: Well, actually, it run when I view using http://localhost:8080/ but why it said could not check license? why free license not configured. I am using Wireless connection, so i use the physical address(MAC) and post in lightstreamer page. I oso set the Java_opts and JAVA_HOME as well as LS_HOME, application can run, everything is fine, just license message <FATAL> ? Any experts know why?

17.Jul.07 21:30:49,072 < INFO> Starting MAC address check
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,087 <FATAL> Could not check license.
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,089 < WARN> A proper Free License was not configured. Server
starting in unregistered mode. Get your Free License from http://www.lightstream
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,091 < WARN> Lightstreamer Server in unregistered mode only su
pports a 60 minutes lifetime. After that time the Server will be shut down.
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,092 < INFO> Lightstreamer Server starting in Moderato edition

17.Jul.07 21:30:49,122 < WARN> JMX management features not available with the cu
rrent license
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,157 < INFO> Started HTML Adaptor for JMX on port 6666
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,185 < INFO> Started JMXMP Connector for JMX on port 9999
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,200 < WARN> No users defined for Internal Monitor.
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,266 < WARN> Lightstreamer Server in unregistered mode causes
notification alerts 3 times per hour
17.Jul.07 21:30:49,304 < INFO> Lightstreamer Server 3.4.3 build 1344 starting...

17.Jul.07 21:30:49,353 < INFO> Server "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" listening to *
:8088 ...