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    How to get names of items subscribed by a user in meta adater ?


    In a Meta adapter, I need to know if a user is subscribing to a particular item (get all the items he subscribed to). For instance, in my scenario, a user uses lsClient.sendMessage() and in the meta adapter, I need to check an item is subscribed before processing this message.

    I thought about notifyNewTables() but the tables[] array contains not the items names but the table or group names which happen to be different.

    Any way thow to do that efficiently and possibly without having to translate table name to items in notifyNewTables() ?

    I think there are a lof of things that are sometimes needed in the context of the meta adapter, but there seems to be no API from the adapter to LS engine, only from LS engine to adapter. So a lot of info are not accessible out of the box (user susbcribed items, HTTP request properties like agent-name, source IP, etc)...


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    Indeed, we kept the Metadata Adapter interface very small. In the "NotifyNewTables" case, we notify each client request as is and leave to the Metadata Adapter the burden of a redundant group name translation.

    About client identification details, note that Lightstreamer Server is meant to be used either with a rich client or (when a browser is involved) beside a regular Web Server.
    So, for now, you can try to take advantage of their capabilities in order to collect client information and share it with the Metadata Adapter.

    We keep this kind of feedback for planning our future extensions.




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