Lightstreamer features JMX support, though only a partial implementation of the provided mbeans is available (see the javadoc-style documentation for details; the online description of the methods is not implemented).
In Vivace edition, this allows remote management and monitoring. In the other editions, only remote shutdown is allowed.

Lightstreamer's own JMX agent can be accessed from jconsole by attaching to it as a "Remote Process". With the default configuration (see <rmi_connector_port> in the Server configuration file), the URL to be used is:
The JVM "platform mbeans" are not supplied by Lightstreamer's own JMX agent; they can be got from the JVM's default JMX agent; obviously, they are available in any edition.
The JVM's default JMX agent can be easily accessed from jconsole locally, by attaching to it as a "Local Process".

If the Server is running on a remote host, the JVM's default JMX agent can be accessed from jconsole through RMI.
This requires that access to the agent from a different host is allowed. The simplest way to achieve this is to edit the launch script (bin\unix-like\ or bin\windows\LS.bat) and add the following parameters to the JVM:
where <some-port> is a free port and <hostname> is a name by which the host running the Server can be addressed.
In this way, it will be possible to access the JVM's default JMX agent remotely from jconsole through the following URL:
In this case, access to all ports, not just <some-port>, should be allowed to the remote client, because the agent requires that a second port is used and, as far as we know, the JVM's RMI implementation chooses this port at random and it cannot be configured.

If the Server is running as a service under Windows, some security issues may prevent the access to the JVM's default JMX agent even locally.
However, the agent can still be accessed through RMI in a way similar to the remote access case. Just edit the "conf\wrapper.conf" file and add, after the line
the following lines:
then access the JMX agent from jconsole as a "Remote Process" with the following URL:
Moreover, in the latter case, by adding the further lines
some mbeans supplied by the third party "Java Service Wrapper" are also made available by the JVM's default JMX agent.