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Is it possible to dynamically size the table, IE get more lines when more data is available and remove lines when data is removed? (Is there an example somewhere?)
I will need to monitor a queue with this project. Items can be added to and removed from the queue. I'd like the table to hold exactly these items, no more, no less.
There are different ways to change the subscribed data on a client.

The simplest way is to subscribe each item with a different table.
With the .NET client you can do this using LSClient's SubscribeItems method (passing to it a single ExtendedTableInfo object) that will return an array of SubscribedTableKey (one SubscribedTableKey instance per each item contained in the ExtendedTableInfo ).
You can then use the unsubscribeTable method to remove a single item from the subscribed ones or reissue a SubscribeItems to add new items.

Please let me know if this approach does not fit your needs.