Hi all,

I have implemented my own adapter and my own client using the lighstreamer server and client APIs. So far, so good, everything works.

In the client API I used the proxy approach to see the bandwidth usage. I've seen that the average usage is 1.5Kbit/sec. Currently I'm pushing Java objects from the server (ok, the attributes, I build the objects afterwards) and currently I'm getting an average of 3 objects/second. That seems quite slow, so probably I'm quite sure that I'm doing something wrong or that there is a way to tune this.

I tried to change the max_bandwidth, max_frequency and buffer_size parameters in the adapters.xml file but with no apparent effect.

So the question is, is there a way to improve the bandwidth/throughput? would it be a solution to implement more items and instead of doing a single subscription do many subscriptions?