I recently updated my LS project from version 3.3.4 build 1289 to the newer 3.4.3 build 1336. After doing so I noticed that my code wasn't compiling correctly and tracked it down to the fact that the path to the DotNetAdapter_N2.dll/DotNetClient_N2.dll had changed. So I updated that path to the new files. After doing so I began to receive compile errors saying: "'Lightstreamer.DotNet.Utils.StringTokenizer' is not accessable due to its protection level" There are other errors that also seem to deal with the 'Lightstreamer.DotNet.Utils.StringTokenizer'. If I replace the new DotNetAdapter_N2.dll (Runtime Version v2.0.50727, Version 1.3.2657.23207) with the old DotNetAdapter_N2.dll (Runtime Version v2.0.50727, Version 1.0.2657.20919), it will compile and it appear to work.

So my question is; What do I need to do to be able to use the newer DotNetAdapter_N2.dll? What problems could I expect to run into if I continue to use the older DotNetAdapter_N2.dll with the new LS build?

Thanks for all the help!