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    Waiting for... and never connecting


    I am having an issue with my web application when it attempts to connect to Lightstreamer. It goes through most of the process, then stops with the info bar saying: "Waiting for .com&LS_client_version=4."
    Does anyone know what this could be caused from? Thanks for any help/ideas!

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    So I just figured out that this is not a Lightstreamer issue. It seems to be an IE7/SSL certificate issue. The external web site that we connect Lightstreamer through is https. The issue was caused b/c out SSL cert is for our main site ( and not our lightstreamer sub-domain ( In IE6 the user is presented with a popup that allows them to accept the cert even though it is not for the correct site. (cert is for site1 and lightstreamer is trying to connect over site2) If the user accepts this then everything connects correctly. In IE7 however a banner pops up telling the user that content has been blocked. If you tell it to display the blocked content then it still does not seem to let everything through and you get the above error.

    Figured I would post this just in case anyone else ran into the same issue.



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