With the latest client I am seeing occasional warning alerts popped up on Firefox that say something like:

"Warning: there is probably another web application connected to the same Lightstreamer Server within this browser instance. That could prevent the current application from connecting to the Server. Please close the other application to unblock the current one."

After clicking on that alert it is replaced with another that says almost the same thing but prefixed by an error code of some sort (maybe an obfuscated code location) and "ER changeStatus". After click on that alert there are no more but the streaming does not connect.

So far I have only been able to reproduce this if I open multiple browser windows (not tabs) to our streaming site.

I can understand there is probably some underlying limitation of Firefox that causes this - maybe a maximum number of connections by default (5?), but as far as I know I did everything possible to tell the web client library to not popup alerts so I'm confused that we are stilling getting alerts.

From our on engine ready handler we have set:

  • objEngine.context.setDebugAlertsOnClientError( false );
  • objEngine.context.setRemoteAlertsOnClientError( true );

and set error handlers for:

  • objEngine.onClientError
  • objEngine.onServerError
  • objEngine.onServerDeny

and we also did the same on the lsPage.context when initializing the push page...


  • what's the scoop on the warnings (do the happen with IE too?)
  • how can we stop them and any other alerts appearing so we can handle them in our own application specific way?