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    Apache as SSL frontend


    Is it possible to run a page in https which connect to a plain lightstreamer (without SSL) setup without some insecure content warning on the page?
    Is it possible to use an Apache with SSL as reverse proxy frontend for plain lightstreamer (without SSL). Something like this:

    Master push page run in https with setLSPort('8888') -> Apache listen on port 8888 with SSL enabled. Reverse proxy to push.domain:8080 -> LightStreamer (plain http setup on port 8080)

    It is because we have a cluster of Apache frontends which handle all the SSL connections and we want to keep it this way.

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    Hi khuongdp,

    That could work, but please note that the use of a reverse proxy would partly limit Lightstreamer capabilities;
    see this post, or this one, for similar cases.

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    We got the setup implemented and it's working fine. Now we must wait to see if we hit any of these issues:

    1) The web server might become a bottleneck, because it may not be optimized for keeping many long-lasting concurrent connections.
    2) LS Server needs to communicate directly with the clients, in order to analyze the TCP/IP status to detect network congestions, throttle the data flow, detects disconnections early, etc.




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