I'm new to LS and am confused as to the proper approach to subscribe to multiple items with different fields using the iOS client API.

Right now I am able to subscribe to multiple items with identical fields, using the following syntax:

- (void)connectToLightstreamer {
	client = [LSClient client];
    LSConnectionInfo *connectionInfo = [LSConnectionInfo connectionInfoWithPushServerURL:LS_SERVER_URL pushServerControlURL:nil user:LS_API_KEY password:nil adapter:LS_ADAPTER];
	[client openConnectionWithInfo:connectionInfo delegate:self];

- (void) clientConnection:(LSClient *)client didStartSessionWithPolling:(BOOL)polling {
    if (!tableKey)
		[self performSelector:@selector(subscribeItems) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.1];

- (void)subscribeItems {
    @try {
        NSArray *itemNames = [MyObjectClass itemList];
        NSArray *fieldNames = [MyObjectClass fieldList];
        LSExtendedTableInfo *tableInfo = [LSExtendedTableInfo extendedTableInfoWithItems:itemNames mode:LSModeMerge fields:fieldNames dataAdapter:@"TEST" snapshot:YES];
        tableInfo.requestedMaxFrequency = 0.05;
        tableKey = [client subscribeTableWithExtendedInfo:tableInfo delegate:self useCommandLogic:NO];
        NSLog(@"Table subscribed");
    } @catch (NSException *e) {
		NSLog(@"Table subscription failed due to exception: %@", e);
This works fine. But what I don't understand is what the syntax would be for subscribing to additional items that have a schema (in the general sense, not the LS sense) that is different from the items in itemList above. I suppose I could just add different item types to itemNames and additional field names to fieldNames, but I feel like that could result in namespace collision or other problems if I had two different item types that happened to share a field name.

Can you clarify the proper practice for the case of subscribing to different types of items?