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    HTTPS Configuration

    We are using the .NET Client and Adapters and require that the communication be secure using HTTPS. The configuration file for Lightstreamer contains the configuration parameter for the Keystore file which includes the keystore password. The keystore pssword is in plain text within the configuration file. Is it possible to provide an encrypted password? If so what type of encryption is supported? If you cannot supply an encrypted password, is there some other way to supply the password without having it in plain text within the configuration file?

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    I confirm that we don't offer this feature.
    You might try to enforce secrecy by acting at a system level, in such a way that the password is in plain text but users other than the one running Lightstreamer Server cannot see it.
    If useful, consider that the content of any element in the configuration file can be deferred to an environment variable through a $xxx notation (see the opening comment in the configuration file).
    However, note that the configuration settings may also be reported in the Server log.



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