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    Single data provider and multiple data sources

    I'd like to know if using a single data adapter to handle multiple data sources is the correct approach. The more I think of it, the more I believe it's not. Thing is, each of the data sources needs some kind of a "Data retriever", which retrieves the data and updates it using the listener.update() method. But if all the "Data retrievers" share the very same listener, then it's not very performant, is it? Is it at all possible to create multiple adapters using the very same DataProvider class? I actually tried it and it didn't work, both adapters were retrieving data from the very same source, therefore my question.
    I'd be grafteful for any hints.

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    Yes it's possible to create two data adapters using the same Data Provider class; but you must pay attention to a couple of aspects.
    If you use the same java class for multiple Data Provider you have to consider that these will share the same class loader with all the consequences which implies (sharing of static resources for example).
    Different Data Provider (within the same Adapter Set) must manage items with different names so that the metadata provider will work properly.



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