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    Web Service Data Adapter ? How can I do ?

    Hi all,

    I have a realtime quotation board (stock market data) application using Struts 2. I use Servlet Variables to contain stocks info and I use web service to update these. This mean i develop a client program to read stocks info and call web service of web app to update Servlet Variables Stocks Info.

    So, with lightstreamer i do not know how i can use web service for that. anyone helps me, please ??!!

    Thanks so much !

    Codes in of StockListDemo sample

    private void scheduleGenerator(final MyProducer producer, long waitTime) {
    dispatcher.schedule(new TimerTask() {
    public void run() {
    long nextWaitTime;
    synchronized (producer) {
    if (listener != null) {
    nextWaitTime = producer.computeNextWaitTime();
    scheduleGenerator(producer, nextWaitTime);
    }, waitTime);

    producer.computeNewValues() method: get new info of stocks. I can use database to store new info and select from. But database is slower updater than i update directly from client program via web service !

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    Sorry for not being familiar with Struts:
    where do your "Servlet Variables" stay? On the client application or on the Web Server?

    In other terms: are you talking about updates in both directions?
    i.e. about clients receiving stock updates and also about the same (or different) clients supplying stock updates to your servlets?



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