I am wokring on a application that requires the use of IIS6's "Basic" authorization process. I have noticed that when using the "Basic" authorization that a user name/password has to be supplied to the Windows Active Directory agent so that the request can be validated and let through the firewall. My question is how do I set up lightstreamer so that it will pass this user information to the AD server so it can be propery validated?

Right now when try to connect I recieve a javascript error on my ASP web page telling me: "Permission denied"

Note: If I set 'LSHost = null' then everything connects correctly, however if I set LSHost to be the actual host address then it will not connect.

Also as a second question:
I am a little confused on how to properly configure the LS engine and client pages. My scenario is as follows (due to network restrictions...)

https://site1.com -> firewall pieces -> my_web_server_IIS6:80 (no longer ssl)
https://site2.com -> firewall pieces -> my_web_server_lightstreamer:8090 (no longer ssl)
If I go to set up the context.Domain, what do i set it to?? If I use the site2 address, which lightstreamer is actually running accross, I get errors that the domain and the host are not the same. Are there other settings that I should be using in conjuncture with the host and domain settings?

Thanks for all the help!