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    FF9 redirect to a new blank window

    Hi, we are using Lightstreamer, I'm not sure what is the version number of it(in version.number file, it shows "4.3", in build.number file, it shows 1346) and it has been working fine across browsers, recently we upgrade Firefox to 9.0.1 and our web site just turn to a blank page, and the tab title always showing "connecting".

    We found the same issue with other site, a bug is filed in firefox bugzilla:

    Below is the comments in the bug report that describes the issue:

    ================================================== =====================
    j.j. (inactive this year) 2011-12-22 09:41:37 PST

    .if((document.childNodes)&&(!document.all)&&(!navi gator.taintEnabled) ...
    Comment 6Boris Zbarsky (:bz) 2011-12-22 09:45:20 PST
    Yeah, and then inside that clause it UA-sniffs different webkit versions..... and fails to detect us as one and then goes off the rails.
    ================================================== ======================

    As I debug into lspushpage.js, I found that below sentence maybe the cause of this issue:

    function LS_vpA(LS_AOg){document.writeln("<iframe src='about:blank' name='"+LS_AOg+"' style='visibility:hidden;height:1px;'></iframe>");..}

    "document.writeln" actually redirects the page to a blank page, since it does not use document.close(), so the blank page never close, just "connecting..."

    My work around for this is to do the the following :
    var iframe;
    try {
    iframe = document.createElement('<iframe name='+ LS_AOg +' src="about:blank">');
    } catch (ex) {
    iframe = document.createElement('iframe'); = LS_AOg;
    iframe.src = "about:blank";
    } = "hidden"; = "1px";

    to replace the "document.writeln"

    I'm not sure what regression or impact it will has, hope it can be helpful to you to solve this issue!

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance!!

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    that's indeed a bug in our libraries, btw an upgrade to the latest version would solve it.

    The version you're using is from 2008 and is no longer supported.

    Sorry for the trouble.



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