We are developing our web application using Lightstreamer Moderato version, and we are still in a test phase.
Until last week we were using server 3.6 with HTML libraries 4.4.1 and everything used to work fine.
A couple of days ago we upgraded to server 4.0.2 with HTML libraries 5.0. (FIle lspushpage.js is Version 5.0 Build 1446.6 Revision: 30462).
We upgraded to this version to avoid Firefox 9.0.1 known issues.

After the upgrade, only on a couple of test machines, using firefox 9.0.1 the message "_new 1: 8:54:50,580 ER No table to delete with id 'tableName' removeTable" randomly appear.

Does a known solution about this problem exists? Should it be caused by a configuration mistake? May the problem be a client developing error?

Thank you very much for any advice.
Best regards,