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    Interference Between Java SE Client and Web Client


    I wasn't sure which forum to use for this question. I hope this one is ok.

    I have a simulated feed pushing updates on several items. I have a Java SE client that subscribes to all of these items, and a web page that subscribes to some of them. Everything including the Lightstreamer is running on one host.

    I can run several copies of the Java program at the same time with expected results.

    I can run several copies of the web page at the same time with expected results. This includes running some in chrome while running others in Firefox.

    If I start the Java program first then the web page doesn't receive any updates.

    If I start the web page first then the Java program only receives updates for the items to which the web page has not subscribed.

    The behavior is consistently reproducible. If necessary I can try to put together the simplest possible test case that demonstrates the problem, but as I am a newbie with Lightstreamer, this will take me several hours, so I though I would ask first whether there is some obvious explanation.



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    No interference is expected between clients of different types, as Html or Java.
    The difference in the set of subscribed items should be the only significant one from the Server perspective.
    Anyway, no interference is expected between the two clients as well;
    the Server treats all items independently from one another.
    In your tests, what changes is the sequence of "subscribe" and possibly "unsubscribe" invocations to the Data Adapter for the various items;
    you should ensure that the Data Adapter also treats all items independently from one another and that it can handle possible sequences of "subscribe"-"unsubscribe"-"subscribe" invocations for the same item.

    The whole processing of items and updates can be logged if you set the "LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions" and "LightstreamerLogger.pump" loggers at DEBUG level.
    Setting up a minimal test case is useful but not necessary in order to analyze this log.

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    One possible explanation is that your two clients subscribe to the items in incompatible modes;
    for instance, one in MERGE mode and the other one in DISTINCT mode.
    Please check that; in that case, you should also find suitable messages in the Server log with factory configuration settings.



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