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    LS Internal server error.

    first of all, i have adapters and metadataAdapter in java and dotnet.
    i also have clients in java, dotnet winform, andriod, silverlight. ( all clients contains these functions: sendMessage to metaDataAdapter and receive message from dataAdapter.)

    these steps based on my java adapter and metaDataAdapter.

    1. I got debug my adapter with java, from How to debug codes with Lightstreamer , and i can debug my application very fine (contains adapter and metadataAdapter), and also i can receive messages from my dotnet client, and send message to other client (andriod client). all of this is working fine.

    2. Then i published my adapter to LS server (not in debug mode) . i copied my adapter file to "LSHome/adpaters/". then i copied my java adapter file (i have export to jar), we call it cap.jar to "LSHome/adapters/myadapter/lib/".

    3. After all the configuration finished. I use my dotnet client to send message, it can connet fine, but when i call SendMessage method, i got this error "The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.".

    4. Then i used my silverlight client, when use my silverlight client to sendmessage, i got this error." 35 Unexpected adapter error"

    In my solution, first, i think this may cause by crossdomain's problem, so i deleted the clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml from folder "LSHome/conf", but the problem hasn't been solved.

    In other way, i run my dotnet adapter and metadataAdapter, all of the client is working fine. (no matter with croosdomain settings setted or not)

    Note: all of my java adapter code is convert from dotnet adapter.

    is anyone can help me with this problem?

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    This error notification is caused by an unchecked exception thrown by the Metadata Adapter upon the "notifyUserMessage" call related to a client message.
    You should find an exception dump in the Server log file corresponding to the error observed on the client side.

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    thanks for your reply.
    Based on your reply, I have resolved this problem by myself, i like the logs created by lightstreamer, in logs file, i can see most steps which out of lightstreamer core.



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