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    rosh pina

    Some basic questions about LS

    Hey all, I am new here.

    I want to build a website that shows the EUR/USD currency and keep it updated
    as in this website:

    Someone told me that the site above is using Lightstreamer in order to show the currency
    and keep it updated every few seconds.

    How can I do it in my site? How can I only have the EUR/USD currency to be shown?

    Sorry for the very b-a-s-i-c questions - I am new to Lightstreamer...

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    Lightstreamer takes care of the transport of your data updates across the internet and to various kinds of clients.
    So, you have to provide the data updates to Lightstreamer Server through a proper server-side interface and you have to integrate Lightstreamer client libraries into your front-end application to manage the received data.
    If the above is what you expected, you could try downloading Lightstreamer and running the tutorial to have an idea of how Lightstreamer can be used.



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