Hi All,

I have followed the example written in the below link:

what i did is,
setup the server and adapters successfully then run the ls_sever and two telnet commands request/response window and notification window and opened the index.htm.

i can see the telnet comands are connected to ls_Server but when finish loading index.htm nothing done.. no subscription.. and i cannot see the actual id that i should replace it with example to send message.. and when i trying to send message [WARN] will appear in the ls_Server.

please if anyone can help me on this, i need to send message from the server and received by client to process it. and if anyone has worked successfully run the telnet commands via .net please send it to me.I cannot see the results of below posted paragraph after open the index.htm link nothing happens:
"The “greetings” item has been subscribed too by the Client, with a schema comprised of the “message” and “timestamp” fields. The Server has then subscribed to the same item through our Remote Adapter (due to the fact that Lightstreamer Server v.3.x is based on a “Publish On-Demand” paradigm). This subscription will manifest itself as a request in the requets/response window, similar to the following:

Thanks in advance,