With helloWorld dotnet demo, it works fine.
and then I rewrited the Portfolio-Basic demo myself (to understand how the metadataAdapter works), when i configure the adapters, i followed the steps with DOCS-SDKS/General Concepts.pdf in chapter 1.4
and i copied the Portfolio_sockets folder under DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\Remote_Portfolio_ Adapters\Deployment\Deployment_LS to adapters and i changed the adapters' name in adapters.xml from id STOCKLISTDEMO_REMOTE to OWNSTOCK and adapter name from QUOTE_ADAPTER to OWNSTOCKADAPTER.
after this, i copied PortfolioDemo_Basic folder and commons folder under pages/demos to pages/OWNStock.
then i changed pages/OWNStock/PortfolioDemo_Basic/portfolio.js
line :

then i start the lightstreamer sever. ( in local with 8080 port).
after all, i started the demo i rewrited.
i input the URI redirect the URI to own demo.

in firefox i saw the errors, it tells me that OWNSTOCKADAPTER not found.(code 17)

anyone who can help me to fix this error?

i am chinese, my english is poor. thanks.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<adapters_conf id="OWNSTOCK">


        <param name="request_reply_port">6663</param>


    <data_provider name="OWNSTOCKADAPTER">

        <param name="request_reply_port">6661</param>

        <param name="notify_port">6662</param>