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    Viewing IP supplied in HTTP header


    If the clients IP is stored in the x-client-ip in the HTTP header, is there any way to log this in the LightStreamer logs?
    We are troubleshooting sync errors caused by persistance problems when sending control messages, and this information could assist. I've tried trace settings on various categories in the LS logs, but have not been able to uncover an option which supplies this (The log and port supplied in LightstreamerLogger.requests only show the load balance IP, not the original client).

    John Foley.

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    in the notifyNewSession and notifyUser methods of the MetadataProvider you can inspect the http headers of the create_session request, you can log it from there; is this enough for your goals? (obviously you have to code your own metadata adapter to log that information)

    Otherwise you can set the LightstreamerLogger.connections.http log category to DEBUG level, this will log all the request/response details: it may be not feasible to use this option if you have a high load on the server




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