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    Lightstreamer status once server is down


    How we can detect in Flex client that lightstreamer server is down. we wanted to detect server state once server is gone down or stopped responding due to any reason.

    Is Stalled status...
  2. Hi Mr. Alessandro, Lightstreamer client...

    Hi Mr. Alessandro,

    Lightstreamer client library js file is not included in the demo source. In the source its comments are : Lightstreamer client library was generated by custom web client...
  3. Hi Mr. Alessandro, thanks for your quick...

    Hi Mr. Alessandro,

    thanks for your quick response with demo. Exploring the demo implementation with angular 2.
    Just a quick ask, Is angular Js is more fast in real time update or angular2.
  4. Lightstreamer client implementation with Angular 2


    Is there any reference implementation of lightstreamer with angular 2. i have seen angular JS implementation but
    angular 2 is quite different from angular Js.

    We are starting new...
  5. Hi Alessandro, How and where we can intercept...

    Hi Alessandro,

    How and where we can intercept statusChange event with the purpose of notifying the user of the current state. we are using flex client
    and want to notify user in case network is...
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    Flex Client disconnection handling in browser


    To achieve net disconnection alert, where we can implement onStatusChange and getStatus method at client level in Flex client. any hint or example would be of great help.
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    Network disconnected at client side


    We are using flex client with Lightstreamer, we need to handle the condition at client side, that if the network is disconnected, our flex client should give alert to user that network is...
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    we are using lightstreamer 5.1.1, is it support...

    we are using lightstreamer 5.1.1, is it support multiple data adapters with single metadata adapter. any example or reference would be very helpful.

    we have four different schemas and want to use...
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    Single metadata adapter having multiple data adapters

    Just curious to see any example with single metadata adapter having multiple data adapters with multiple schema set. It would be great to see such reference or example. thanks
  10. Multiple list of fields/schemas with a single connection


    We are using Ls Client in Flex and have used four(4) different data fields set/ data schemas. Each data field schema is used with a single connection and adapter. so, there are 4 connections...
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