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    Problem with Firefox update n. 48.0

    since yesterday's Firefox update to version 48.0 my client libraries (JS) stopped working.

    The error we get back is:
    Error: Permission denied to access property "LS_e"

    Client library...
  2. I tried changind jdk version and using 1.6.0_30...

    I tried changind jdk version and using 1.6.0_30 the server starts correctly.
  3. Lightstreamer startup problem on Windows 7 (RMI exception)

    Good morning,
    I downloaded and installed (following QuickStart procedure) LightStreamer 5.1.1 moderato on a Windows 7 32bit machine.
    I don't have any customization.
    I've verified Java Home Path in...
  4. Hi, thank you for your advice and sorry for my...

    Hi, thank you for your advice and sorry for my delay.
    The problem was related to that particular version of Firefox, unce updated, the service went on working fine.
    Thank you.
  5. alert "_new 1: 8:54:50,580 ER No table to delete with id 'tableName' removeTable"

    We are developing our web application using Lightstreamer Moderato version, and we are still in a test phase.
    Until last week we were using server 3.6 with HTML libraries 4.4.1 and everything used...
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