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  1. Deprecation warning in the LiteralBasedProvider


    I am extending the LiteralBasedProvider to override some of the methods (to allow selectors), however I am getting a warning the getUserSessions(String) in the MetadataProvider has been...
  2. Dario That's a fair point - it was/is a...


    That's a fair point - it was/is a bit annoying when I was doing a dev test (not wanting to configure the logging) it appeared to be somewhat unhelpful.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. -- an update --


    After a bit of trial and error it looks as if we had a version clash of the jar files.

    A "revert to green field" and start again fixed the issue.

    If possible, it would be nice if there...
  4. Question about connecting a java client to the HTTP socket


    We have a ls feed that is pumping data out to a webpage(s) and this works fine.

    What we need to do is create a java client that can listen to the same connection and get the same data out:...
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    Alex That's what I had thought/assumed. We...


    That's what I had thought/assumed. We already have a class that implements the interface so I can used that.

    One other small question. We have a file called that...
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    LightStreamer and Sockets - newbie question


    I am a newbie and I have gone through the test stuff and I think (hope) I understand what's going on. I am now looking to do something clever.

    What I am looking to do is the following:...
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