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  1. Thanks Giuseppe, Looks like we're just going...

    Thanks Giuseppe,

    Looks like we're just going to have to upgrade the server and adapter library at the same time. A little more complicated for us, but doable.

    I've also noticed using the new...
  2. Error using newer dotnet adapter library with old LS server

    We're in the process of updating our LS server to the latest version (currently on 5.1.1 build 1623.2), but to do that we need to first update our dotnet adapters to the newer LS adapter library (as...
  3. RE: Cookie Handling. Cookie handling is not...

    RE: Cookie Handling.
    Cookie handling is not required when we are bypassing the load balancer (as we are in this case). Disabling cookie handling seems to get things going but we’ve run into issues...
  4. Log files

    Attached both server and client log files in

  5. Unable to connect to server from Cordova Ionic application

    Here is a summary of the issue:

    We’ve built a native application using the Ionic framework which uses Cordova to wrap a web application into a native binary. We’re using the LightStreamer Web...
  6. What does this message actually mean? Content length setting too small

    Content length setting of 500000 too small even for a single event; using 3047883

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    Push Notifications

    Are there any plans to support true push notifications with the iOS client (where it isn't required that the app is running?)

  8. What appears to be a bug - need fix, or work around

    Seeing a situation where the HTML client connects to our adapter, LS server creates session, subscribe sent to adapter.

    Later a network error occurs, causing the connection to be dropped, session...
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    Can you tell me exactly what the check engine timeout setting does? What happens if it times out, and what is the default value/behavior if it isn't explicitly set?

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    Can you describe exactly what 'abandoned' means? ...

    Can you describe exactly what 'abandoned' means? Generally what would cause a client to request a new session, passing in an old session in the request?

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    Internal cause codes

    Can you give some information on what these 2 internal cause codes indicate?

    internal cause code: 45
    internal cause code: 39

    We get a lot of these in our server logs.
  12. %0\.. is a problem

    While using "%0\.." to 'sort of' determine the path to the application, it does not work in all circumstances. For example if you open a command window, and navigate to the bin\windows directory,...
  13. Thanks - that's exactly what I needed.

    Thanks - that's exactly what I needed.
  14. Just need to see an example of the syntax for...

    Just need to see an example of the syntax for creating/passing the MessageListener to the sendMessage method of the Lightstreamer engine object.
  15. Example of using a MessageListener with sendMessage

    Could you give me some sample js for using the MessageListener with sendMessage? I can't find any examples in the forum, or the demos.

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    Odd problem with cookies

    We have several cookies that are maintained by our web site. Some of those cookies have values that have '|' in them. Whenever we hit one of our pages that has a LS component on them, the cookies...
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