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  1. How does lightstreamer handle pusing data to

    We have an thick client application that makes use of the >.net client API. We also have a number of custom Data Adapters which support a number of different subscriptions (modes)...COMMAND, MERGE...
  2. Yes, we do have .NET Data Adapters. Looking in...

    Yes, we do have .NET Data Adapters. Looking in our Adapters.xml file I do not see any parameter <Param name="timeout"></Param>. Do I need to add it? What is the param's units? Milliseconds? What...
  3. Getting time out on initial subscription request

    Hello, we have written a number of Data Adapters and had them working for some time. Our client application is able to connect (thick .Net Client). We are making an initial request (subscription)...
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    More Questions


    Thansks for the reply.

    What is the intended perpose of DataProviderServer.Close() method? i.e., why would a Data Adapter invoke this method?

    When you say, "initiate a controlled...
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    Proper way to "shudown" a Data Adpater

    Hello all,

    Our Data Adapters are implemented as Window Services. We are noticing that when we shutdown the service (i.e., from the SCM issue a Stop command) that the Lightstreamer log is reporting...
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    Rasing an Exception from a Data Adapter

    We have code up several Data Adapters using .NET Lightstream API. We have .NET Window applications using the Lighstreamer .NET Client interfaces to receive push data.

    We would like to be...
  7. Thanks got it working. Needed to set the java...

    Thanks got it working. Needed to set the java path on the config file.
  8. Lightstreamer fails to start when run as a service


    In our development we have started lightstreamer as a console application using the file Start_LS_as_Application.bat. This works fine. However, if we attempt to run...
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