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  1. Getting exceptions on initial subscription request

    when sending the first subscription requests to lightstreamer server we see exception in lightstreamer log.

    the log file is showing an error:
  2. Replies

    Unexpected snapshot event for COMMAD item

    In our system the Data adapter give the initial snapshot as the first client subscribes,
    the snapshot is multiple events sent with "Add" command and 'isSnapshot' flag set to true,
    The snapshot...
  3. Thank you, it was an issue on client side not on...

    Thank you, it was an issue on client side not on LS server, solved
  4. DELETE event is not propagated to the client

    We have a command-based adapter set up with a client subscribing to specific item.
    The sever send ADD and UPDATE commands which propagate successfully to the client with the specific key.

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