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    Thanks for quick update. We'll re-run the test...

    Thanks for quick update. We'll re-run the test and provide the logs soon.
    Btw - it is 2.1.1 build 1013 for us. Should we downgrade to the previous build in this case?
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    .NET Client throwing "Session not found" error

    When sending multiple notifications, our .NET client session not found error. Sometimes we get this error right after receiving 1st notification and sometimes after receiving 10 notifications.
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    How to set connection timeout?

    At times with our LS server is coming up OpenConnection() call from client hangs for a good 5-7 minutes. Is there are timeout we can set to avoid this long wait?
  4. Here is sample code we are using for connection -...

    Here is sample code we are using for connection -

    [LSConnectionInfo connectionInfoWithPushServerURL:[ILDefaults pushServerURL]
  5. If wifi/network is disconnected and re-connected, re-initializing LS conn hangs[OS X]

    We are using LS client for OSX.
    - If network/wifi goes off in middle of a session we get connection closed event
    - Once network is available again, we try to do the connection again
    -- We 1st call...
  6. Thanks Alessandro. Is explicit support for proxy...

    Thanks Alessandro. Is explicit support for proxy settings coming in a future release that we can anticipate?
  7. Provide explicit proxy settings for OSX client


    We are using light streamer OSX client in our application. We want to provide explicit proxy settings to the OSX client but looks like it is not supported by OSX SDK yet. Can you tell us if...
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    How to use license key with OSX SDK

    Hi, My company bought license for OSX SDK. We already have server license for lightstreamer.
    Can you provide me details on how we can punch in license key with OSX SDK.

    Vedang Purohit
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    Does iOS SDK work for Mac OSX as well?


    We are building a MAC OSX application which needs to use push notifications.
    Will Client SDK for iOS work for MAC OSX or there is a different one we need to use?

    Vedang Purohit...
  10. DotNet Client not able to connect via NTLM proxy

    When we try to connect to Light streamer Server via .NET Client through a NTLM proxy and we are not able to connect.
    We are setting the proxy on Internet Explorer.

    From your forums I found out...
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