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    ras al kaima

    metatrader very tiny/modest project

    hello friends, hope allessandro and Mone can help me.

    I have an mt4 running on a server with 2 customs indicators; i plan to deliver the datas of those 2 indicators to the market(Web,apps,RSS, ...etc....)

    I really love lightstreamer and want to use its to send the datas to different types of web site,apps,rss etc....

    Can you please kindly detail me : "step by step -japanese style" the plan, the process and the necessary soft/coding on both sides.

    I am very junior regarding IT matters and the most detailed explanation possible would really help.


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    what's mt4?

    btw the steps to build a Lightstreamer application are always the same.
    You have to code a server side adapter that gathers your data and injects them in the Lightstreamer kernel.
    Once the server part is ready you need to code one or more clients using one of the libraries available for the various technologies.

    You may want to take a look to the demos distributed with the server to better understand the needed effort.

    Please also note that lightstreamer does not produces RSS feeds.

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    Hi, I posted more/less the same question on another thread..

    Mone, MT4 is metatrader 4 a forex trading client. Indicator is a movement indicator of specific market parameter. it is a realtime data points (number) calculated by MT4 and usually based on certain algorithm custom coded. Having it fed into lighstreamer and streaming it on website helps in many ways to a trader.

    MT4 has a built in DDE server and excel client can communicate to and fetch the realtime indicator into excel sheet. now instead of excel, I'm looking for a way to bring them into lighstreamer kernel. so I'll need to code a DDE adapter that communicate to MT4 DDE server.

    There is a DDE excel adapter as pointed out by Alessandro in another thread. it injects realtime data from lightstreamer to Excel. what I'm looking here is the otherway round with MT4 (not excel).

    any help is much appreciated.


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    Hi Shariff,

    The requirements are quite clear. As you correctly pointed out, this is the opposite of the Lightstreamer DDE Demo, where we implemented a DDE Server in Java that is also a Lightstreamer Client. In your case, you need to implement a Lightstreamer Adapter that is also a DDE Client. For the demo mentioned above, we used NevaObject's DDE Server library. You might want to check out the DDE Client library on the same page, which you could embed into your Lightstreamer Data Adapter.

    Let us know if you make any progress.




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