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    shutdown method of DataProvider?

    I would like to know why the DataAdapter interface defines the init method:
    init(java.util.Map params, configDir)
    but has no shutdown whatsoever. I mean, what if my init method opens up a connection which needs to be closed at Lightstreamer's shutdown? Opening/closing connections on subscribe/unsubscribe is NOT what I need, due to my application requirements, the connection must be opened at server start and closed at server stop. Thanks!

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    As the Adapters are destroyed only when the whole process is destroyed, we thought that, for any housekeeping operation not implicitly done by the system at process termination, the Adapters could directly intercept the JVM shutdown through the JDK's Runtime.addShutdownHook method.
    Please check if this may suit your purposes.

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    Shutdown works fine for me, I just thought I was missing something about Lightstreamer's functionality. Many thanks and regards.



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