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    Question Upgraded to LS 4 and many POST bind_session.txt

    Hi everyone

    we recently upgraded both LS server (to 4) and LS Flex Client library (to 2.1.88) and now we see many more POST bind_session.txt being sent from app to LS than we are used to.

    What should I check up on to get to the bottom of why we are seeing many more post upgrade. Is there a particular configuration option I should examine more closely?

    many thanks again for the great support

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    if you see many bind_session requests that means that your client switched to polling mode.

    Obviously this should not happen because of an upgrade in the server/libraries;
    is it possible for you to attach a server log?

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    Thank you Mone, thats really useful to confirm its a drop into polling. Some of our server guys are chasing down some leads, if they draw a blank I will endeavour to come back with logs to see if they can shed any light. Again thanks for the quick support.



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